We want you to know before you go, so we update what trees are available, and their sizes, after every weekend.

Douglas Fir
We have a limited selection of Douglas-fir trees in the 6′ size range. Fields A and D have the best selection.

Monterey Pine
We have a good supply of Monterey pine in the 6′-8′ size range outside the fences along the sides of the road. These trees are bushy and have a longer needle with a nice fragrance.

(Coast redwood) We have a few coast redwoods in the 5′-7′ range in field C. (Sequoia) The sequoias have grown well this year and there are several areas in fields C and G with Sierra redwood in the 6′-7′ size range. 

Pre-cut Trees
We have a few precut Noble fir and Nordmann fir left. the tallest tree is 7′ tall.

Incense cedar
This is a new species available at the farm which is a light green color with a nice fragrance.  There are quite a few cedars in Fields C & D in the 5′-7′ size range.

Monterey cypress
This is another new species that we’ve added to the farm.  They are a light green color with a “citrus” fragrance, but there are only a few available in fields B and D in the 5′-7′ size range.

White Fir
At the edge of each field, in the shady areas, we have planted white fir.  These have a bluish/silver color with evenly spaced branches. We have a few of these in the 5′-6′ size.