Types of Trees

All of the variety of trees pictured below (except the Noble fir) are grown on the farm and are available for cutting, which makes them the freshest trees possible.  After cutting the tree you should take it home and immediately put it in water. If you wait for more than a few hours to put it up, you should make another cut on the trunk of at least one inch before putting it into a water stand. All of our precut Noble firs are fresh cut from Oregon and are displayed in water for freshness.

Monterey Pine

This pine has long needles and is very bushy. It has a pine fragrance and must be kept in a waterstand to stay fresh.

Noble Fir (pre-cut)

These are the royalty of Christmas trees. With blue-green color and firm, evenly spaced branches, it is ideal for big ornaments. Noble fir are precut and come fresh from Oregon.

White Fir

This is a stately evergreen tree with a symmetrical shape, long, soft needles and an attractive, silvery blue-green color. These can be found along the edges, in the shady parts of the farm.

Monterey Cypress

This fast growing, symmetrical tree has a light green color and a “citrus” fragrance.  We only have a few of these in fields B, C & E.

Doug Fir

The most popular selling tree on the farm, it has short blue-green needles and spaces between branches for hanging ornaments. It has a nice fragrance and keeps well if placed in a waterstand.

Sierra Redwood (Sequoia)

We only have a few of these. A ‘fleecy’ looking tree with a light green color and a ‘tangy’ fragrance. Keep it in a waterstand for freshness.


These trees tend to be a bit narrow and have a dark green color and needle-like branches.  We only have a few in the 6’-8’ size in Field C.

Incense Cedar

This tree has light “fleecy” branches that are light green in color, so small light ornaments work best.  There is a large number of cedars that are 5’ – 8’ tall, in fields C, D, and E.

Learn more about our trees and the different ‘exotic’ species we also offer with owner Paul Illingworth